Hit the Warframe Lottery Today and Other Happenings

Sorry just needed to brag and figured this would be the best place to do so. So today I got a Legendary Core off a Sortie in Warframe. If you do not play Warframe, that sentence makes no sense and you have no idea why the Warframe players are green with envy. I’ll try to explain best I can. A “Sortie” is a once daily set of high level missions you can do. This is basically end game content for Warframe. Doing these missions (which are different each day) will reward you one item from the potential reward pool. Almost all of the potential rewards can only be received from doing a Sortie and each has their own chance of being your reward. A Legendary Core is the rarest of this reward table. The estimated drop chance of it is unknown (some say 0.25%) because no one can really get enough data because you can only run it once per day. The point is I got one of the rarest drops in the game! I have no idea if I should just sell it to another player for Premium Currency or just keep it for myself.

Other than that, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion went on sale (again) so I finally purchased that. Going to go through the tutorial tomorrow and start the single player campaign. Also got one of those 3D metal model things to do so I will post pics of the finished model when I am done. I have done their smaller models but nothing this large.


Other than that not much going on. I am going to look into if I can set up a gallery for my sketches and stuff on here or if I should just make another DeviantArt and post my stuff there for you all to see. Have a good week y’all!


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