Starcraft 2 is Dead; Long Live Starcraft: Brood War

If you haven’t heard Blizzard has officially announced Starcraft Remastered, an HD upgrade of the 1998 Starcraft: Brood War. For all intents and purposes, this will be the end of the Starcraft 2 scene and cause a reemergence of the original Starcraft esports scene.

Now that probably seems weird to anyone who does not follow either game. Why would players drop the newer Starcraft 2 to return to the original Starcraft, a 19 year old game? The answer is a bit complicated. Basically, nobody actually liked Starcraft 2 all that much. The single player campaigns were amazing, but the multiplayer was so-so. Units could move so quickly and easily across the map that unless you were at the pro-level of play, the game was basically who could hit the buttons fast enough. This meant for the majority of players improving your game meant improving your hotkey usage and actions per minute (APM). This killed the casual crowd for the game.

At the pro-level, Starcraft was again a game that required more finesse than Starcraft 2. Besides the fact that 10 years after the last balance patch for the game there are still new strategies being developed, there was also high level “micro” (think the actual buttons/keys pressed as oppose to “macro” which is the overall build order or what units are in play) that was used to basically get your units to be more responsive. These small tricks were extremely satisfying to not only use but to see done by the pro’s.

So why did Starcraft: Brood War even disappear if it is the superior game? Because the game came out 19 years ago. There is no matchmaking, no HD, and everyone initially thought Starcraft 2  would take over. Keep in mind though Starcraft: Brood War continued to have a server running with a healthy population and there have been tournaments for it within the last year.

So as you can probably tell, I am super excited for this game to come out. I have been hungry for a good RTS game in a long time so the idea of replaying the original game which got me hooked makes me feel like a kid on Christmas. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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